Tourism attraction sites

Homa Hills is surrounded by hills, Lake Victoria, and hotspring. This makes it one of the finest places for visitors from all walks. Most visitors enjoy walking along the Lake and taking in the sights. Generally speaking, Lake Victoria passes right in front of the organization besides the trapezium hills. Homa Hills is also besieged by inactive volcano and several hills. The place is full of physical phenomenon that makes a sight-seeing food.

Lake Shore

The side of the lake that passes through Homa Hills is a direct continuation that routes Kisumu and Homa Bay. The Lakeshore road passes behind Homa Hills from Kendu Bay to Kadel, connecting to Homa Bay town. The view of Lake Victoria while standing at Homa Hills is undoubtedly a touristic thing. Our visitors do enjoy watching fishermen pulling fish from their net, birds preying on fish, and water tides swinging at the shore. Most interestingly, visitors can liaise with us and hire a guide to take them around Lake Victoria waterfronts and benefit from seeing fishing activities around the area. In this case, the mode of traveling will be local boat. Lake Victoria itself is statistically remarkable. Remember, it’s the largest lake on the continent, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake, and the world’s largest tropical lake. It extends significantly into three separate African countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Hot Springs

At the eastern side of the Organization features pools of super-heated water, connected to a hot underground source, with steam hissing and bubbling up constantly. You can see the bubbles of water and steam boiling up through the channel or spout-hole naturally. The salty water oozed from this area is hot enough to cook any kind of food. The spurted water is poured into Lake Victoria through a local river linked to this hot spring. The area is christened as Abundu hot-spring.Several researchers have confirmed that it is an inactive volcano that will never erupt.

Currently, Capital Power is linking with Homa Hills to extract geothermal at the scene to help the community benefit from this phenomena.

Hills around Homa Hills

The organizationis surrounded by several medium hills which attracts most tourists in the area. Just as the name suggests, Homa Hills means collection of hills. This clearly indicates that the organization was named from these hills.

The hills around here are climbable and their variation takes approximately 1 to 3 hours to reach the apex. The overall statistics show that 95% of all climbers reach the highpoint. Surprisingly enough, the hills are free from ice or snow caps and do not need any mountaineering tool. Almost every kind of ecological system is found on these hills. Watching natural phenomenon is one of the interesting activities that may trigger your ego to climb homa hills. While standing at the top of these hills, climbers enjoy watching Lake Victoria and the nearby towns such as Kisumu, Kendu Bay, Homa Bay and Kisii.