Catering and Hotel Services

At Homa Hills, we offer both immobile and mobile catering services around Karachuonyo and the bordering districts. With perfectly orchestrated coordination,we can feed your visitors no matter how big or smallthe event is planned. Your guests will enjoy appetizers and meals cooked from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients; only the best-tasting. Most nutritious foods will come across your guests’ plates.

We will work closely with you to adapt your order and design the experience you want. For your convenience, we offer a variety of menu options from which you can choose, but we welcome your ideas and special requests based on the weight of your pocket. As part of our commitment to excellence, wellness and nutrition, we can tailor your catering event with our Simply Natural concept, featuring natural and organic products, vegetarian options and local ingredients.

Our highly trained staff will give you the personal attention you deserve, ensuring your event, whether large or small, is a special occasion. For large functions, Homa Hills’ chefs are available to elevate your event to new level of sophistication.Simply put, HHCDO is committed to giving you full confidence in your catering service — so you can turn your attention to all of the other details that will make your event memorable.

In most cases, we are able to guarantee we will keep within your set budget. If we see there may be additional needs, we will discuss with you immediately.



We can avail our mobile kitchen to your home to celebrate your graduation party! Your guests can come right to our window and order their favorite food. We also can set up a buffet in your home, backyard, or venue of your choice.


We can cook enjoyable food to your corporate lunch or special event right at your office building or place of your choice.


We can bring our catering servicesto the funeral event! Your mourners can be served at our tent built within the compound.


Instead of going to a restaurant for your next special event, hire HHCDO Mobile Catering for your special dinner. We can come into your home and cook right in your kitchen! We offer multi-course plated meals for smaller parties, or a beautiful buffet set-up for larger crowds.


If you’re having a fundraiser or large gathering at a banquet facility that allows outside caterers, contact HHCDO and we can talk about the delicious food for your function.


If you’re having friends’ party and don’t want a formal dinner, we can provide delicious passed appetizers! Our servers will walk around your event with individual plated appetizers for your guests to enjoy. We also can set up beautiful meat, cheese, fruit & vegetable displays for your guests to snack on!


At Homa Hills, we offer training and seminar facilities where NGOs and Cooperate institutions can use to facilitate their staff, students, employeesand partners. We understand the accommodation requirements for seminars and are well equipped to adapt to your needs. We have been successfully accommodating various clients from diversified societal background. HHCDO willpresent beautiful meat, cheese, fruit & vegetable in buffet-stylefor your guests to serve as Lunch or Dinner.In addition, we provide fresh made breakfast for your cast and crew.

Procedure for acquiring catering service at HHCDO


To ensure a successful delivery of our catering services, we first discuss about your event and what types of foods you would like to be served. 


We then send you a menu based on what we discussed. If changes need to be made, we work together and make sure it is exactly what you imagined. Sometimes this takes a few revisions to be 100% accepted.  


Once your menu is confirmed, we finalize a price and send a contract document for your signing.