Homa Hills provides high quality curative services to children, adults and senior citizens with health problems at community-based facility.Our proven curative programs offer a variety of purposeful, goal-oriented activities and opportunities that promote independence and enrich lives. We see people for their abilities and our amazing staff works with them to improve their function and quality of life. Our experienced, skilled and caring therapists provide expert evaluation and most effective therapeutic interventions. We work in partnership with the family, physicians, other medical team members and community resources to make sure that the health needs of each individual are met.

Homa Hills dispensary is accessible by the populations who are residing in local area and could not easily reach district hospitals which are located in far distance. At Homa Hills, we provide treatment for Malaria, Cholera, headache, stomachache, and many more that do not need advanced medical attention. The dispensary supports people hailing from West Karachuonyo Ward, North Karachuonyo Ward, and Kibiri Ward,forming part of West Karachuonyo Division.