Our overriding objective is to promote community capacity to manage local resources for poverty reduction and dignity through groups for increased food production and structured market access that guarantee household incomes and gradually wean them from direct support. The overall goal of this approach is to increase ability of households to provide for their families basic and secondary needs ultimately integrating them into the mainstream national economy. We intend to do this by;

  • Scaling up aggro-enterprise through the out grower schemes to cover over 1000 caregivers and farmers in the next 3 years to improve household incomes in areas like horticulture, seed sorghum, groundnuts, mangoes, trees, poultry, livestock and honey.
  • Scale up Micro-finance (Savings and Internal Lending Communities SILC) projects based on successes and lessons to cover even more households and grow into a SACCO.
  • Increase community access to safe and portable water at the village level to improve women’s lives and reduce disease burden especially among children by ensuring a safe water chain to reduce water borne diseases in the community.
  • Market community based Ecotourism and Environment programs to diversify community engagement with natural resources and tourists.
  • Improve support to tree planting by incorporating short and long term economic gains for the implementing communities to include beekeeping and mango production.