• About Homa Hills

    • Homa Hills Community Development Organization (HHCDO) was founded in 1980 by the Norwegian donor historically known as Redd Banna. The main intention was to rescue the community swinging in poverty and vulnerable life style. Redd Banna believed that life of a child rests on their parents and the entire community accommodating the child. To ensure a sustainable community, Redd Banna initiated an Agricultural and Technical Training Centre to help impact the community with practical skills. Those who acquired practical knowledge from this centre became their own bosses, and could support their children’s education.
  • More About Us

    • HHCDO was legally registered as an NGO in 1994. The centre is situated at the Western Shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, where it occupies 158.4 acres of leasehold land, in a collegial setting. This makes HHCDO a unique NGO with a special opportunity for community development due to its mix of both social and enterprise projects. The Redd Banna however, phased out in 1999, due to deteriorated diplomatic condition experienced in Kenya.
  • Homa Hills Today

    • Today, HHCDO is a child-centered development organization with the mission to build community capacity, facilitate sustainable development and to support vulnerable groups. It envisions a self-sustained community that enjoys quality life. The organization is guided by partnership, professionalism, integrity, empowerment, communication, respect and quality service. HHCDO implements both social and enterprise development activities.