Homa Hills Community Development Organization’s governance structure draws membership primarily from professionals and local community members within Nyanza. This membership of 28 people constitutes the Council, which meets annually during AGMs.

The Council appoints Board of Directors which currently stands at 7 members including the CEO as an ex-officio representative of the Management. This body meets at least quarterly and is assisted by 4 committees handling Finance, Tender, Resource Mobilization and Human Resource. The Board appoints senior members of management and informs the policy direction for the Organization.

To effectively implement these policies, there is a management consisting of 9 staff headed by a Chief Executive Officer who meets weekly. These represent diverse expertise in line with the current community and project needs basically to support social-economic projects and general administration.

To strengthen policy compliance, we have an Internal Audit unit and regularly engage external Auditors to prepare our annual Audited Accounts.