Homa Hills partnered with DREAMS to support young generation to live a safer lifestyle. DREAMS is an acronym for: DETERMINED. RESILIENT.EMPOWERED.AIDS-FREE.MENTORED.SAFE. The objective of DREAMS is to prevent HIV incidence amongst adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) aged between 10 and 24 by 40% in 2 years.

Dreams Involvement

  1. Empower Girls and Young Women:  We empower girls and minimizes the risk for HIV/AIDS  and violence.
  2. Reduce Risk of sex partners: We characterize sexual partners of adolescent girls and young women in order to target highly effective HIV interventions.
  3. Strengthen Families: We intensify the family economically as well as in their ability to parent positively.
  4. Mobilize Community for Change: We educate girls, young women, and young men. We also sensitize the communities for change.

Supports and Provisions

  1. Parenting skills training/Caregiver programs
  2. Small stock training – poultry
  3. Education subsidy/ School fee provision
  4. Learners’ package
  5. Career and job readiness skill provision
  6. Cash transfer
  7. Solar lamp provision
  8. Peer to peer discussions
  9. VSLA, Financial capability and Entrepreneurship training