The KARP project is funded by the Kenyan Catholic Conference of Bishops (KCCB) with an objective of offering accessible, quality care and support to HIV positive clients and their families. The project continues to impact positively on the lives of many families infected and affected by providing life-prolonging medication and psychosocial support. The clients are offered ART services for those who are infected and also provided with support through established support systems that have been formed within the Comprehensive Care Center (CCC) and within the community. The project started its implementation in Homa Hills on 1st July of 2009 then Funded by the CRSc(AIDS Relief). The main objective is to offer care and support locally to ensure an improved quality of life for those community members who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Homa Hills has a number of programs which previously existed that dealt mainly with the preventive activities aimed at mitigating the effects and spread of HIV/AIDS. The prevalence rate of HIV&AIDS in the area is still high. This is mainly due to the cultural practices and ‘sex for fish’ behavior patterns depicted among populations around the lake regions Homa Hills lies.