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We empower the Community

Our mission keeps us at the vanguard of advocacy and opportunities for the desperate community; opportunities that continuously improve the livelihood of poor people. We intend to launch a capacity building program where people acquire new life skill that helps them identify their potentials and place them in a continuous process of life transformation. With a comprehensive training concept, working side-by-side with top organizations and community leaders, we have been training participants to develop a new and rejuvenated spirit of interdependence through exchange of experiences that enable them to exercise what they have studied. The vision of our capacity building programs embraces entrepreneurial ideas envisioned to develop people towards self-sustainable life. Through this program, participants undergo several seminars, workshops, round-tables and specialized activities.

 This program is offered as frequent as possible depending on the availability of funds and the donors supporting us. We do welcome all class of poor people, orphaned students, people with disability and community in general. We will be publishing our seminars or activities in advance, be it directly or through the organizing entity/funder.